What does it promise and is it actually provided?

Image Credit: the author

Franklin appeals to those who voted against the Constitution

Franklin, Randolph, Mason, & Gerry (Wikimedia Commons)

September 1787

Six fictional accounts of the brutal reality of the war

I lent out my copies of Beloved and The Killer Angels — I want them back (image credit: the author)

True tales of danger and death, but rarely success

(image credit: the author)

Cye Cheasty joins Robert F. Kennedy to take on Jimmy Hoffa

Cye Cheasty (l) and Jimmy Hoffa (gettyimages.com)

Cheasty and Kennedy

Please quit trying to take away my rights

credit: the author

My Rights — Guaranteed

The State’s Attorney admitted to breaking the law

Sarah Lincoln and Uncle Joe Cannon (Wikipedia)

The Copperheads

How House Speaker Reed killed the “disappearing quorum”

Uncle Joe Cannon (l) and House Speaker Thomas B Reed (Wikipedia and NYTimes)

Uncle Joe Cannon

So much more than a small collection of books

Grandma and Grandpa and their children, about 1940 (credit: the author)

How did President Washington feel about the many religions within the new United States?

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Racial Discrimination

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